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Yelloh! Village recommends hiking in the Pyrenees of the Ariège. Some truly wonderful panoramas await you.

Closeup on the Pic de Tarbésou

The Pic de Tarbésou lies in the far eastern part of the Ariège. At a height of 2,364 metres, the summit is crossed through by various different hiking trails. Among them, there's a pleasant loop, which takes you close to several lakes and areas of pine forest. It also has pretty spectacular views, on the border as it is between three departments: the Ariège, the Aude and the Pyrénées-Orientales.


Closeup on the Pic de Montcalm

The Pic de Montcalm reaches a height of 3,077 metres, making it the second-highest in the Ariège Pyrenees. Year after year, lots of hikers of all abilities arrive to climb this natural monument. While this hike is said not to be difficult, it is recommended that you do it over more than one day, and therefore that you spend a night in the refuge de Pinet (mountain hut), for a bit of a rest, so that you are better able to enjoy the end of the trip.


Closeup on the Pic des Trois-Seigneurs

Set back from the Pyrenees themselves, the Pic des Trois-Seigneurs enjoys a position that affords unparalleled panoramic views. Given its height, this route is not recommended for people who suffer from a fear of heights.

But if you enjoy a challenge, it's just perfect, and the closer you get to the summit, the more arduous it becomes! You really will be needing to use your hands to get to the top. But once you do get there, you'll be consumed with pride!