Ariège: discover a little-known gem of the Pyrenees

Top 5 must-try experiences in the Ariège

Located in the heart of the majestic Pyrenees, the Ariège is an unmissable destination for nature lovers, history buffs and adventurers looking for new and exciting experiences. Explore the hidden treasures of the Ariège during a stay at Le Pré Lombard campsite.

Hiking in the mountains

If you go on a camping holiday in the Ariège, you’ll soon see that the department is criss-crossed with hiking trails to suit all abilities.

From easy walks along the river to high-mountain treks, you’ll find breathtaking scenery at every turn. Such as the Port de Lers or Col de Port mountain passes. The Vicdessos Valley is particularly popular with hikers, offering scenic trails through gorgeous green valleys and majestic peaks.

Adventure sports

For adventure sports lovers, a camping holiday in the Ariège is a dream come true! Canyoning in the region’s gorges is an unforgettable experience, which you can try just a few miles from Le Pré Lombard.

You can also attempt to scale the rocky cliffs of Sinsat, a popular spot for climbers. If you prefer water, rafting on the Ariège is an exhilarating experience.

Mysterious caves

No trip to the Ariège is complete without a visit of its famous caves, including the intriguing Niaux cave. Inside, you’ll discover rock paintings that have been there for thousands of years, providing a valuable insight into the history of humankind. Other caves, such as the one at Bédeilhac, will plunge you into a mysterious underground world.

Castles and medieval cities

The Ariège is rich in history, with a host of castles and medieval cities to explore. The Château de Foix sits perched on a rocky outcrop and is a must-see. Similarly, Mirepoix, with its half-timbered houses and medieval square, is an architectural gem you won’t want to miss on a trip to the Ariège.


Cycling enthusiasts will love the mountain roads of the Ariège. The Col de Port mountain pass, lined with breathtaking views, is a particular favourite for cyclists. Every year, it draws cycle tourers from all over the world, with direct departures possible from our campsite in the Ariège – Yelloh! Village Le Pré Lombard.

The Ariège, whatever the weather – what to do and see in the Ariège if it rains

Fear not, even if the weather is fickle or downright dreadful! There are plenty of sheltered spots to visit in the Ariège. There are endless ideas for outings.

Here are our top 5 places to visit if it rains in the Ariège:

Parc de la Préhistoire

Whatever the weather, the Parc de la Préhistoire in Tarascon-sur-Ariège is a must-see attraction, providing a captivating insight into prehistoric times. Discover the lives of Cro-Magnons and prehistoric animals, through a series of interactive exhibits and striking reconstructions.

The Ariège thermal spas

If it starts raining or snowing, the thermal spa in Ussat-les-Bains is the perfect place to unwind. These hot thermal springs are renowned for their healing properties. Treat yourself to a wellness experience in a serene setting.

Tarascon sur Ariège - camping Le Pré Lombard


Explore the old town of Tarascon-sur-Ariège, whatever the weather. Experience a stimulating journey through time as you explore the town’s picturesque alleys, stone houses and charming squares, all within reach of Le Pré Lombard campsite. Don’t miss the Sainte-Quitterie church, a jewel of southern Gothic architecture.

Vicdessos Valley

Come rain or shine, the Vicdessos Valley is a precious jewel gifted by Mother Nature. Set off on one of the many hiking trails, visit the village of Aulus-les-Bains for its thermal springs and spa, or drop into the Museum of Resistance, in Saint-Lizier.


This small mountain village, located just a few miles from our campsite in the Ariège, has a lot to offer. Visit the Romanesque church of Saurat with its medieval frescoes. Enjoy a stroll through the peaceful narrow streets and admire the spectacular scenery. Particularly worth a visit during its various events, festivals and craft markets.