Explore the town of Foix

The allure of the bric-a-brac fairs and markets

Weekend strollers and experienced bargain hunters alike love wandering around the flea markets in Foix. All season long, on Sundays and occasionally on Saturdays too, you’ll find bric-a-brac fairs, flea markets, garage sales and second-hand clothing sales in and around Foix. You’re sure to unearth a few little treasures at these events, organised by various associations, local residents or the municipality. There are also a few stalls on the car park of the Intermarché supermarket on the outskirts of Foix every Sunday. Worth the trip if you love a bargain!

Foix also holds two “belle brocante” fairs during the summer season, bringing together a host of antique dealers and their most exquisite wares. If you’re after a great deal, look no further! In any case, it’s an opportunity to browse the many objects, furniture, paintings and fabrics that you won’t find anywhere else. These Belles Brocantes d’Été are also an opportunity for a wander in the shade of plane trees, around the covered market and through the Allées de Villote.

Brasserie La Fourche, for a delicious local beer

We highly recommend a trip to this popular brewpub, perched on the banks of the Ariège and known for its vibrant atmosphere. There you can sample the excellent craft beers brewed on site. Its industrial-style decor and friendly staff make this the perfect spot to enjoy a meal, a drink or a night out.

There are various events in the evening, such as “Name that Tune” music quizzes, games nights, concerts and DJ sessions. Not to mention the mouthwatering tapas, made to share!

Take note: this is a very popular address, so expect to share your table!

Château de foix - camping Le Pré Lombard

Join in the surprising array of events at the Chateau de Foix

Explore history and create lasting memories at the Chateau de Foix with a series of original events:

  • Murder mystery parties: immerse yourselves in the gripping intrigues, untangle the mysteries and unmask the culprits at one of the thrilling murder mystery parties.
  • Sunset DJ sets: kick the evening off with music and admire the Ariège sunset and stunning views of the city.

Visit the departmental tourist office’s website or social media accounts to stay up-to-date with these one-of-a-kind experiences.

Fancy a taste of the exotic? Head to Monsieur Poké Foix for the best poké bowls in Foix

In need of something fresh and delicious while visiting Foix? Then how about a poké bowl made to order using tasty fresh produce! A colourful lunch to take away for a top-notch picnic seated in one of the town’s picturesque streets or small parks.

The drinks and desserts are just as delectable as the poké bowls, and also made with fresh, local ingredients.