Discover Andorra in summer, based at our 4 star campsite in the Ariège

Welcome to an incredible setting in the heart of the Ariège, on the road to Andorra. Our 4 star campsite is the perfect base from which to explore Andorra’s summertime attractions, while making the most of our top-notch facilities, including a heated swimming pool.

Visit Andorra in summer

In summer, Andorra really is an unmatched destination for nature lovers. This season provides an abundance of amazing adventures, with majestic mountains, hiking trails, crystal-clear rivers and local festivals to enjoy.

Le Pré Lombard campsite: your gateway to Andorra

Located at the gates of the Pyrenees, our campsite is just a few short miles – or a 50-minute drive – from the border with Andorra. So you can easily fit in a visit to Andorra, a small mountainous country teeming with wonders in summer.

Shopping in Andorra

Andorra is much more than a mountain destination. It is known for its modern shopping malls, luxury boutiques, tax-free shops and diverse offering. From fashion to cosmetics, from electronics to local products, Andorra has everything you could wish for.

Did you know? Andorra is the only state where Catalan is the official language. But rest assured, the shopkeepers are fluent in French, Spanish and English. So, if you come to our campsite in the Ariège and head off for a shopping trip in Andorra, you won’t have any trouble with the language!

The advantages of shopping in Andorra

Crossing the border into Andorra opens up a range of advantages, making for a fantastic shopping experience:

Great price: products in Andorra are tax-free, so you’ll benefit from lower prices than in many other places in Europe.

Variety: from international fashion brands and luxury goods to local produce, you’ll find a vast array of items. And in every retail sector.

Cosmetics and perfumery: Andorra is renowned for its perfumeries and cosmetic stores offering well-known brands at attractive prices. Your holiday at our campsite in the Ariège is thus a great opportunity to treat yourself to your favourite perfume or eau de toilette.

Electronics and technology: you can also buy electronics, gadgets and other tech equipment at very competitive prices.

What are the purchase limits in Andorra?

As a general rule, travellers can buy goods duty-free, but there may be limits on quantities, particularly for alcohol, tobacco and other restricted items. Customs rules vary depending on your country of residence, so it is essential to find out the specific restrictions that apply to your situation.

Shopping in Andorra is a great experience, provided you follow the rules and travel responsibly.