The waterfalls of Ars and the Artigue

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Discover the Ars and Artigue waterfalls

Cascade Ars - camping Le Pré Lombard

Closeup on the waterfall of Ars

Ars waterfall descends from a height of 1,380m. It comprises three sections, one of which is a long fall of 100 metres. Its verdant setting and lovely clean air makes it just the place for a hike. And this applies throughout the year, as the scenery varies according to the season. There is one period, however, which continues to be in high demand, which is when the snow starts melting. This is when water flow is really impressive, reaching a height of as much as 246 metres.

There are all sorts of hiking trails leading to the waterfall of Ars. Some are suitable for people of all abilities, while others are for people with more hiking experience. Yelloh! Village recommends this one, which is perfect for families:

Closeup on the waterfalls of the Artigue

The waterfalls of the Artigue lie less than 7km from the border between France and Spain. The bucolic surroundings make for all sorts of activities including canyoning and hiking. For this reason, the whole family can really make the most of the fantastic views of the Ariège Pyrenees Regional Natural Park, especially the famous Pic de Montcalm.

And there are various routes here that'll take you to the waterfalls of the Artigue. Among them, there's one that's fairly easy, taking around an hour and a half: