The House of Wolves

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Come and discover the House of Wolves, featuring one of the department's emblematic animals, with your family or friends.

Maison des Loups - camping Le Pré Lombard

Closeup on the House of Wolves

How about a day devoted just to animals? For some it'll be a reminder of childhood, for others a total novelty. Whichever applies, everyone will have a nice time. Located just a few kilometres from our campsites in the Ariège, the House of Wolves comprises five sub-species of different wolves. And all of this in an area of 7 hectares. It is home to the northwestern wolf, the Eurasian wolf, the Polish wolf, the Arctic wolf and the Alaskan tundra wolf.

This is a place where people and animals really come together, also open to very small children and with suitable activities available for them. The vision tunnel, for example, allows you to observe the pack really close up, as well as to feed the wolves. A secure system has been set up to enable people to enjoy this special time. You'll be with a carer, who will be able to introduce you to all the animals. He or she will also tell you about the way the pack is organised hierarchically.

And it is also home to other animals, which have their own special area: Monsieur Seguin's Farm. This is where you can come and meet goats, rabbits, ducks and more. And let's not forget the adorable pony, called Nougatine.

The House of Wolves is unusual in that it is entirely unsubsidised, and therefore relies on its 40,000 visitors annually.

La Forge, 09110 Orlu