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Niaux Cave

Closeup on Niaux Cave

Less than 10 minutes from our campsite in the Ariège, come and discover one of France's loveliest caves: Niaux. It dates back to the Upper Paleolithic era, cave art having been found here from the Magdalenian era. This means you'll be taking a 16,000 year leap back in time when you come and visit!

Throughout the route, there is a succession of breathtaking backdrops. Vaults tens of metres in height, narrower tunnels, underground lakes etc. The scenery just carries on changing for the hour and three-quarter tour. But the most special moment comes at the end, at the Salon Noir. This is where the height of the vault is at its most impressive. But it's also the place which Cro-Magnon man chose mainly for painting. More than 70 such paintings have been catalogued here, showing animals from this period, including bison and ibex.

Sadly only a small section of the cave is open to the public. This choice has been made for the purposes of protection, as it is registered as a Historical Monument. We suggest you combine your visit to the cave with the Prehistory Park, which is located at Tarascon-sur-Ariège. Here, you'll see identical copies of artwork in the cave.

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