Prehistoric Park

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Yelloh! Village and its campsites in the Ariège recommend a visit to the Prehistoric Park.

Closeup on the Prehistoric Park

Located less than 5km from the Yelloh! Village Le Pré Lombard, the Prehistoric Park is a must-see for anyone who loves this period. Set up in 1994, visitors will be able to travel 16,000 years back in time during their visit.

Firstly, you can take part in all sorts of workshops. Alongside guides and prehistory specialists, you'll discover, at your own pace, how our ancestors lived and what they did from day to day. This includes hunting, flint carving and wall painting in the caves. You will then, in turn, be invited to carry out the day-to-day actions of "Cro-Magnon" man.

You will then see the Grand Atelier, which is a museographical area given over to cave art. Documentary films are available to see here, as well as models and copies of items from the nearby caves of Niaux and Marsoulas. And this tour really has been designed for everyone. Quite used as it is to welcoming families on holiday in the Ariège, it provides multilingual audioguides with explanations suited to all age groups.

The park is open from April to November. Opening hours vary depending on time of year.

Route de Surba à Banat, 09400 Tarascon-sur-Ariège