Labouiche Cave

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Of all the underground landscapes found in abundance in the Ariège, Labouiche Cave is one of the most impressive.

Closeup on Labouiche Cave

Behind this name is an underground river, open to the public since 1938, which is home to an amazing variety of landscapes and geological treasures. Visitors have the option of venturing 60 metres beneath the earth, where they'll see the spectacular shapes that the water has created over thousands of years. A guide will be with you throughout your trip, and will tell you about the basics of geology, so you'll find out something about the different minerals you'll see in the cave. This therefore makes it the perfect introduction for younger members of the family.

The underground river is open from 1st April to 11th November, including weekends and public holidays. The tour lasts an average of 1¼ hours. Remember to bring warm clothes, as the temperature underground is cooler. This applies particularly in summer, when the temperature difference is marked. Though our Ariège campsite is less than half an hour away, there are also picnic areas and a snack bar.

Rivière souterraine de Labouiche, 09000 Baulou