Château de Montségur

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In the Ariège, you'll find a number of Cathar castles. Make the most of your family holidays and come and see them, especially the Château de Montségur.

Château de Montségur - camping Le Pré Lombard

Closeup on the Château de Montségur

Not far from the camping Yelloh! Village Le Pré Lombard, the Château de Montségur looks out from an altitude of 1,207 metres. Built in 1206, it overlooks the Olmes region, and more specifically the village of Montségur, giving rise to its name.

Host to a number of sieges during the 13th century, this formed a stronghold during the conflict between the Cathars and the Catholic church. For example, various people sought refuge here from the crusade launched by the Inquisition. The Cathars held out until 1244, when the Catholics seized the castle.

These days, thousands of tourists come here to see the ruins, whether it's to feel the gravity of its history or to soak up the gorgeous 360-degree views! From the top, you can also see some of the region's other legendary locations, including the Gorges de la Frau, the Montagne Noire and the Château de Roquefixade.

Nevertheless, a visit to the Château de Montségur requires some effort and it takes half an hour to get up to the ruins. So you should make sure you come suitably dressed, and wear sports shoes or hiking shoes. Visitors are welcome from February to December, weather permitting.

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