Château de Foix

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The Château de Foix dates back to the 11th century and formed the main stronghold of the County of Foix.

Château de Foix - camping Le Pré Lombard

Closeup on the Château de Foix

As soon as you see it, you'll be amazed by its wonderful state of preservation and its view over to the town of Foix. Inside, an area of no less than 2,000m² is given over to the history and culture of the Ariège. Children will just love the immersive scenery, as well as the organisers, who are dressed up as figures whose inspiration is drawn from the day-to-day lives of people during the 14th century. And there are also the workshops to enjoy, including archery and stone cutting. You'll see the museographical area too. Using your smartphone, you'll get audio commentary telling you about all the secrets of the Ariège's most important periods in history.

Ariège museum also provides an opportunity to come and enjoy a mediaeval escape game. The objective is simple: you just have to find the treasures of the Cathars! To do so, quirky puzzles and challenges await you! And to do the whole lot takes just an hour!

The castle is open from 10am to 6pm, except in high season. During July and August it closes its doors and hour later. Allow at least 4 hours for your tour. If you are on holiday in our campsite in the Ariège, this really is a must-see on your agenda!

Place du Palais de Justice, 09000 Foix